Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.

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Amazing Jellies - KQED QUEST (by KQED)

"As elegant as they are squishy"! I want that on my tombstone someday. (Preferably when I die, I suppose.)









why yes they do

and it’s fucking terrifying

I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that.

I had a snail phase at one point

Ñ̷̡̰͖͖́́́O̸͓̻̝̙͋́̀͂O̶̠̫͍̩̓͊̔̋T̶̳̱͖̞̾̈̀̋ ̵̛̗̗͍̩̀̈́̔N̴̢̙̟͚̍͋͋̕O̸̡̳̤͖͒͒̀͂O̴̙͙̤͓̒̐̌̊T̷̹̙͎͖̆͗͗̿


they should teach this in school

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this is very beautiful and i like it but it makes me sad that we are their heaven

do u think aliens are looking down at us like this


Woodland ants are able to fire acid into the air to ward off predators. The insects work together to jointly squirt foul-smelling liquid when they sense at threat over head.  The formic acid is not harmful to humans and has the same odour as vinegar. In order to trigger the insect’s reaction, the photographer gave the ant’s nest a tap, which prompted the insects to squirt the acid in the air from their tiny abdomens.
Photo credit: Paul Quagliana/BNPS


The coconut crab is the largest land crab in the world. It can grow up to 60cm from head to tail. They can be found in many islands in the Indian Ocean and in some islands in the Pacific Ocean. The tiny Christmas Island is the hangout for the largest remaining population of these gigantic crustaceans in the world. Like all true land crabs, the coconut crab spends most of its life on land. In fact, the only time it takes to the water is to lay their eggs, after mating took place on land.


The Gladiator Spider can make an expandable sticky web like a net. When an insect passes below it, it stretches out the net, lunges downwards and flings the net over the prey. 


 Caught with Hand in the Cookie Jar


Green snail - Rhinocochlis nasuta | ©Paul Bertner   (Mt. Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Borneo)
Rhinocochlis nasuta (Dyakiidae) is an elegant land snail known from Borneo, with a compressed and small shell up to 24 mm.
The shell of this snail is levorotatory or sinistral, this means that the direction of rotation of the shell around its axis occurs in counterclockwise, so if the shell is placed with the apex upward then the opening of the shell is to the left side.
As the common name indicates, the body of the animal is of a bright green color, however, the shell is actually milky white, but is observed green because it is very thin and translucent.
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